Route 88 Philippines

The accumalation of months of planning which culminated with this run and proudly termed “Route 88” still remains in our hearts and minds till this day. To all who have taken part and those who contrubuted to this success THANK YOU!!!.

Gallery Route 88 Philippines

September 15th, 2010 a group of 5 riders left Bacolod city to travel Route 88 around the Philippines with the goal of completing their journey in just 8 days. The route covers over 6000 kilometers , including 6 ferry rides and crosses all the major island of the Philippines. (except Palawan) It is called Route 88 because it’s shape is a big figure 8 and it should be traveled in 8 days.

Route 88 has been a vision of Outsider MC President Michael Effelberger for many years since he first heard about the trip. Michael, along with fellow OUTSIDER members Oscar Lund and Kim Katz were successful in “Taming the Beast”. Two other riders started the route, Don Park (National Secretary Outsider MC Philippines) and Tom the Irishman, however their bikes failed them and forced them to retire both completing over half the distance. The whole jouney was overseen and officiated by Mr. Philip Garcia and other National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines officials.